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Deployment Instructions (Alpha 1.0.1)
  1. Download iSQLPS source code.
  2. Unblock zip file and unizip.
  3. Create database called iSQLPS.
  4. Modify file “iSQLPSCommon.ps1” by entering your MS SQL Server name.
  5. Create table and stored procedure by executing the scripts under the SQL folder from the zip file.
  6. Run upsert-ServerOS.ps1

Here’s an instruction video on how to set your environment and iSQLPS Alpha 1.0.1


I downloaded the source code, unblocked, & unzipped it to my drive V. After creating the iSQLPS database and deploying the table and stored procedures, I opened a PowerShell session and typed:

PS [MyPC]>. V:\iSQLPS\PoSh\Upsert-ServerOS.ps1 –hostName “MyHostName” –region “MR” –l -location “ML” –primaryBU “DBA TEAM” –description “DBA management server”

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